Sweden Celebrates Waffle Day! Våffeldagen!

Waffles are eaten all the year round in Sweden but they are particularly popular on 25 March when we celebrate Våffeldagen (Waffle Day). Swedish waffles are flatter then the more well known Belgian waffle and are normally made in a special waffle maker that is in the shape of hearts!

So today I took my Keto Pancake recipe and added 1 Tbsp melted butter and 2 Tbsp almond flour to thicken it up!

I also made a new batch of my Keto Mock Maple Syrup to go with it!

I am in waffle heaven😍😇

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What are your favorite types of waffles?

How do you top your waffle?

Leave a comment below and share!

Keto Seedless Blackberry Jam

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Staying with the LOW CARB theme, they are sugar free/sweetened with stevia!

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Keto No Bake Cherry Cheesecake

When you live in the country like I do, you have to be prepared during late June for the cherries to ripen. It is a “get-them-now-or-the-birds-will-get-them” kind of situation. So today became cherry picking day!

Here we are with our first bucket! We filled 3 of these 2 gallon stainless steel pots!😮

In order for us to collect so many high up in the tree, my husband got out his mountain climbing gear and went up!

So naturally I had to figure out a way to enjoy the cherries in a low carb way!


It is summertime after all so baking is not on my list, so it HAD to be a no bake!!

You are going to LOVE this dessert so much! Even my husband who loves regular sugar, actually enjoyed it and went back for seconds!!

Let’s get started!! We will make the cheesecake 1st, then the homemade cherry🍒 topping!

You will need 1 cup heavy cream, whipped with 1 tsp vanilla & 1 tsp liquid stevia/monkfruit.

Set this aside in the fridge until you need it again.

Set out 1 and 1/2 blocks of regular cream cheese in a bowl on the counter for at least an hour to soften.

Start whipping the cream cheese after it is completely softened.

Then add:

1/4 tsp each: vanilla, almond & lemon extract

3 Tbsp erithrytol/stevia granulated sweeener

1 Tbsp or 3 pkts. Pure stevia powder

Whip the cream cheese well till smooth. Then add whipped cream to bowl. Mix on high 30 seconds till smooth.

Spread in a 9 inch pie plate.

Refrigerate for 1 hour minimum before cutting and serving.

To 5 cups of fresh,pitted cherries add 1/2 cup erithrytol/stevia granulated sweetener…..

And 1 Tbsp liquid Stevia/Monkfruit sweetener.

Heat over medium until the cherries soften and their liquid is released. Approx. 10 min. Constantly stir so it doesn’t burn!

Since we are not using starches to thicken, I use glucomannon. I purchased this bottle off of vitacost.com

Bring cherries to a slow boil then sprinkle 1 tsp glucomannon over top and start stirring immediately!

Give it about 5 minutes and it will thicken like traditional corn starch will!! I ended up adding in 1/4 cup water to thin it a bit. You may or may not need this as not all cherries produce the same amount of juice when cooked.

Now serve up a piece of cheesecake and top with 1/2 cup of the topping!! Approx. Net carbs= 10 for 1 slice of cheesecake and 1/2 cup cherry topping!

For cheesecake:

1 cup heavy cream, whipped with 1 tsp vanilla & 1 tsp liquid stevia/monkfruit

1 and 1/2 pkg of full fat cream cheese

1/4 tsp each: vanilla, almond & lemon extract

3 Tbsp erithrytol/stevia granulated sweeener

1 Tbsp or 3 pkts. Pure stevia

Whip cream.Set aside. Whip cream cheese with extracts n sweeteners. Whip both together. Put in desired dish. Refrigerate 1 hour minimun.

For cherry topping:

5 cups fresh pitted cherries

1/2 cup erithrytol/stevia blend

1 Tbsp liquid monk fruit/stevia sweetener

1 tsp gluccomannon

1/4 cup water

Place the pitted cherries into a saucepan, set over medium heat allow the cherries to release their juices. Add sweeteners. Stir well. This should take about 10 minutes. Stir occasionally.

Sprinkle glucomannon over the cherry mixture and stir well. *You want to stir the cherries constantly, the mixture will thicken up quick.

Cool before using to top your cheesecake!

Store in a mason jar with a lid, or any air tight container.
You can also place in the freezer for later use.