Melissa Carr :herbalist & essential oil advocate

Welcome, I am so excited to meet you!

I have been studying the application of herbs and essential oils for over 14 years. It all started when I created my herbal business HONEYBEEHOLISTICS.

I created my own products and started creating my own lotions, salves, herbal remedies and so much more for my family. I wild harvest local native herbs to Washington State where I live and find ways to support my families health with them.

Beyond the herbs themselves, I branched out into essential oils as I could not bear making handmade products and using fragrance oils in them. I soon became familiar with how the essence of these plants would enhance the beneficial properties of my products and the customers who used them!

My product making business has morphed into making custom products, providing bulk wild harvested herbs and now offering consultation on essential oils and how all of these can support a healthy life!

Contact me for a specialized recommendation for your specific needs via email. I will recommend what herbs and oils will help you the most!

Not sure which one to choose or maybe you want to customize your own kit?

No problem! Just contact me through my contact page and I will be happy to help you get EXACTLY what you want and need!

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