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Keto Krisp No Bake Blackberry Cheesecake

It is a keto dream come true to get to have a gluten free, sugar free, low carb slice of cheesecake! Not only did this no bake cheesecake turn out amazing, it also opens the door for so many more wonderful creations!! I am so thrilled that my favorite flavor of Keto Krisp bars turned …

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Keto Almond Butter & Blackberry Jam Bar

Have you ever tried an almond butter and blackberry jam sandwich? đŸ„œđŸ‡đŸž These @tastecando keto krisp bars bring you all the flavors without the carbs!! They have a great balance between the almond butter and blackberry jam! I even cut them into triangles and dipped them into my keto blackberry jam I made from our …

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Sweden Celebrates Waffle Day! VĂ„ffeldagen!

Waffles are eaten all the year round in Sweden but they are particularly popular on 25 March when we celebrate VĂ„ffeldagen (Waffle Day). Swedish waffles are flatter then the more well known Belgian waffle and are normally made in a special waffle maker that is in the shape of hearts! So today I took my …

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Keto Seedless Blackberry Jam

It is blackberry season again!! I will be taking pre-orders for my Organic Seedless Blackberry Jam till August 4th! Staying with the LOW CARB theme, they are sugar free/sweetened with stevia! Each 8oz jar is $10 They always sell out fast, so if you would like some, comment below with your email and I can …

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