top 16 low carb coconut flour recipes
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Top 16 Low Carb Coconut Flour Recipes (Gluten Free and Keto)

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Top 16 Low Carb Coconut Flour Recipes (Gluten Free and Keto)

As the new year begins, consider these keto coconut flour recipes to keep you on track for your health goals!

There are so many things you can make with coconut flour from easy breakfasts to keto cakes and snacks plus dinner recipes too!

I will tell you all about this versatile and high fiber flour that will not only save you money in the long run as it only requires 1/3 the amount of other gluten free flours, but is high in fiber and minerals!

Keep reading as I cover all of the gluten-free recipes of mine that are also perfect for the keto diet as well!

keto cinnamon swirl bagels on a cooling rack
They are best still warm or toast them for best flavor!

I love baking with coconut flour as it only contains minimal carbs!

It is an easy way to stay low carb AND gluten free!

Although it is a tree nut flour, it is not technically in the family of nut flours.

It is the best alternative for cooking and baking if you have nut allergies.

16 best low carb coconut flour recipes

What is coconut flour and how is it made?

Coconut flour is made from 100% dehydrated coconut meat, and it contains no additional ingredients.

It is an excellent source of minerals such as copper, magnesium, manganese, and selenium.

Magnesium plays numerous vital roles in the body, especially in muscles!

Additionally, copper and selenium are essential minerals that, among other functions, have a primary role in the immune system!

The fiber found in this flour helped reduce triglycerides and the ratio of non-HDL to HDL cholesterol!

Get the benefits like oatmeal but LOW CARB!

The coconut meat is pressed to produce coconut milk, then the pressed meat is dehydrated.

It is the ideal choice for anyone on a low carb diet or keto diet as it is extremely low in the grams of net carbs it contains.

Coconut Flour vs. Almond Flour

almond flour picture

I use both of these flours the most in my baking and literally all of my recipes!

Almond flour is a great substitute for all purpose flour, but coconut flour is not a 1:1 substitute.

It doesn’t take very much coconut flour in each recipe as almond flour does.

Coconut flour is a very fine powder so it mimics starches in that way.

My recipes that contain coconut flour also contain a lot of eggs to soak up all of the moisture that coconut flour is thirsty for.

Since it is great at creating a fine texture and soaking up moisture, I use it in combination with almond flour to more closely mimic traditional flour.

Both grain-free flours also contain a lot of nutrition without the need for fortification like wheat flour is.

eggs in a carton

If you have access to a lot of eggs, then coconut flour will be more economical for you in the long run versus other low carb flours!

It absorbs a ton of moisture so the eggs help accomplish that need, plus in any given recipe you will use up to 1/2 cup total versus with the equivalent in almond flour equaling 2-3 cups!

Using this flour is a great option to keep my baking ingredient budget in check!

Frequently Asked Questions about Coconut Flour

coconuts in a pile uncracked

Can you substitute almond flour with coconut flour?

No it is far more absorbent than almond flour.

You need only 1/4 cup coconut flour to 1 cup almond flour.

This is approximate as each recipe must be calibrated with the proper amount of eggs and leavening to work out.

coconut flour in a spoon

Can you make your own coconut flour by grinding up shredded coconut?

No, it is not the same as coconut flour.

Coconut flour is defatted, which is the process of removing the coconut oil from the meat before dehydrating.

You would need to make coconut milk out of the unsweetened shredded coconut, then dehydrate the coconut flakes to get the dried coconut meat.

Then you would grind to a fine powder.

It is very time consuming and in the end it is best to purchase coconut flour so your low-carb recipe works out!

What are the best brands of coconut flour to buy for best results?

Out of all of the coconut flour brands I have tried, only two have ever given me the best results in all of my recipes.

The first one I recommend is Bob’s Red Mill Brand Coconut Flour.

The consistency with this brand is impeccable and always works in all of my recipes!

This is the only coconut flour that is readily available in grocery stores, even small ones in small towns like mine!

The second one I recommend is Anthony’s Brand Coconut Flour.

This brand is not readily found in store, but it is inexpensive and an excellent choice that I can order online in bulk.

These are the best options to choose from that I use all the time!

How should I store my coconut flour?

After opening your package of coconut flour, it is best to store it in the fridge.

This helps preserve the healthy fats contained in the flour from going rancid.

I use it straight from the fridge in my coconut flour keto recipes.

There is no need for it to come to room temperature.

Does coconut flour impart a coconut flavor to the recipes?

It can impart a coconut flavor to recipes where the coconut flour is a stand alone like in the case of keto cookies or keto bread.

When you use it in combination with almond flour, as I do in a lot of recipes, the flavor is muted and is not detectable.

Any final tips to keep in mind when working with coconut flour?

  • Remember to scoop and level when measuring. If you get even 1 tbsp extra in your measuring cup of coconut flour it can make your recipe not turn out.
  • Make sure you sift the dry ingredients of your recipe together as coconut flour tends to clump and you do not want clumps in your recipe.
  • Leave enough time for your recipe to sit a bit after adding your wet ingredients to the recipe so the coconut flour can soak it up. This helps on the final texture of your baked goods as well.
  • Make sure you use large eggs in low carb coconut flour recipes so you get the right amount of egg to absorb the amount of coconut flour called for.
  • If you are using egg whites instead of whole eggs measure them for the equivalency of a large egg.

Now let’s see all of the simple recipes I have using this keto flour!

keto coconut flour pancakes

KETO COCONUT FLOUR PANCAKES : Everyone loves pancakes so how fitting to have a Keto Low Carb Blender Pancake that features high-fiber coconut flour.

This simple recipe is made quickly in the blender with cream cheese and is perfect for meal prep as you can make up a large batch and have them on hand to re-heat through the week!

gluten free blackberry muffins in a tin with blackberries surrounding them
Gluten Free Blackberry Muffins are golden brown and delicious!

GLUTEN FREE BLACKBERRY MUFFINS: These easy muffins will be your favorite go-to snack for a grab & go breakfast filled with fiber and flavor!

They are also dairy free, keto and low carb so you cannot go wrong!

Feel free to switch out the berries for raspberries, blueberries or strawberries that have been chopped!

Keto cinnamon swirl bagels stacked up in a tower

KETO CINNAMON SWIRL BAGELS: There are a lot of recipes that use fathead dough with mozzarella cheese, but I wanted something that wasn’t heavy on dairy so this bagel was born!

It has a soft texture that is a cross between a donut and a soft real bagel.

I actually prefer that it is not SO chewy that its hard to chew!

They are some of the most delicious bagels I have had, next to the real deal, since going gluten free in 2014.

This recipe does use xanthan gum to help maintain the chewiness and reduce the “muffin” texture it may have without it.

It is the only thing I will say you should not leave out!

With a net carb count of 1.2g of carbs per bagel, it is a perfect choice for anyone following a ketogenic diet!

low carb blueberry bread made with coconut flour

LOW CARB BLUEBERRY BREAD: This is a low-carb bread that is perfect for snacking on at any time!

It is the low carb quick bread that you will look forward to in the morning or as an afternoon snack!

Dotted with fresh berries, it is hard NOT to want to eat the whole loaf!

If it is cut into 8 slices, then two slices equals one serving coming in at only 6g carb/3g fiber/4.7g protein

keto baked french toast made with coconut flour

KETO BAKED FRENCH TOAST: You make a bread in a cast iron skillet then fry it up for a crisp crust just like french toast!

It has the texture of bread soaked in egg like traditional french toast but without the carbs or regular flour!

coconut flour chocolate chip cookies

CHEWY LOW CARB CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES: Here is a quick, one bowl, no mixer required cookie recipe that is nut free, gluten free, and sugar free!!

They turn out super moist and chewy and would be a great base for many different additions!

I use sugar free chocolate chips to make sure to keep this low carb and sugar free.

You can also use a chopped dark chocolate bar as well!

I use gelatin to keep the chewy texture that you would find with wheat cookies.

The cookie dough must be pressed flat on the baking sheet as these keto coconut flour cookies do not spread as they bake.

keto skillet pot pie

KETO SKILLET POT PIE: Made in a large skillet, this pot pie is so very versatile and can be customized with the meat you like!

Use matching broths for best flavor.

Chicken with chicken. Beef with beef.

I used chicken broth when I used ham.

Change up the veggies to fit your budget and carbs you want to use!

Keto Sausage Breakfast Bars close up

KETO SAUSAGE BREAKFAST BARS: This quick casserole that turns into bars is perfect for meal prepping.

It is one of my most popular recipes on my site.

Everyone in your family will love them

keto mexi-casserole made with coconut flour

KETO MEXI-CASSEROLE: I am an 80s kid and Bisquik was a staple in my Moms kitchen!

You could make so many different recipes with it!!

One recipe in particular I remember was this mexican casserole.

I of course ketofied it, but it has the same flavor and the fat head dough crust reminds me of the bisquik bottom!

keto protein waffles made with coconut flour

KETO PROTEIN WAFFLES: I originally bought my Quest protein powder for the occasional shake or two!

I ordered the Cinnamon Crunch flavor.

This recipe only made 3 large ones in my Belgian square waffle maker.

Its important to have it rest as its called for, so do not skip that step!

low carb baking mix featuring coconut flour

LOW CARB BAKING MIX: This mix of various flours, including coconut flour, helps make the best texture for many of my recipes.

Coconut flour is mixed with almond flour, gelatin and more.

The following recipes use this low carb baking mix and are delicious!

keto orange chicken using low carb baking mix with coconut

These are just a few to get you started on your journey using coconut flour!

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top 16 low carb coconut flour recipes

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