keto butterscotch fudge
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Easy Keto Butterscotch Fudge (gluten free)

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Easy Keto Butterscotch Fudge (gluten free)

Of course its that time of year when all of the cozy flavors start showing up!

The warm buttery flavor of butterscotch always has my vote!

This easy Keto Butterscotch Fudge Recipe will satisfy your cravings of a sweet treat without all of the sugar!

keto butterscotch fudge
This Keto Butterscotch Fudge will have you in warm buttery heaven!

This is one of those easy recipes you cannot believe, but the texture is a chewy one like nougat.

It is naturally gluten free and does not use keto butterscotch chips.

Only a few specific ingredients are needed to get this melt in your mouth butterscotch fudge!

Homemade fudge recipes I am used to will use marshmallows or frosting to make them quick, but not this one!

This fudge recipe uses white chocolate chips to achieve the firmness.

It is not reserved for special occasions only, this is one of those anytime sweet treats!

This easy fudge uses simple ingredients and only takes a little time to put it together!

keto butterscotch fudge
Keto Butterscotch Fudge is the perfect treat!

You must have your prepared pan close by since this 6 ingredient butterscotch fudge sets up quickly and you want to be ready!

I line an 8×8 square pan with parchment paper so I can easily lift it out onto my cutting board after its cooled and cut into small pieces.

First start with a heavy saucepan on your stove top and put all of your ingredients in EXCEPT for the white chocolate chips and 6 Tablespoons of butter!

The keto brown sugar substitute helps bring this low carb fudge together!

You will want to start with a medium heat stirring constantly.

After the ingredients have melted and come together, turn it to low heat and let it simmer on a low boil.

No candy thermometer needed!

This is one candy recipe that doesn’t need any special equipment!

Stir the sugar free white chocolate chips in!

After the mixture has simmered for about 10-15 minutes it should thickly cover a spoon. At this point add the sugar free white chocolate chips and whisk well.

After they have melted into the mixture, add in the remaining 6 tbsp of butter you did not use in the beginning.

It will look like thick caramel after you stir in the white chocolate chips!

At first it will look like caramel swimming in melted butter, but let it continue to melt over low heat and stir gently to incorporate it all.

Even though this is one of those simple recipes that takes only minutes of prep, it does take patience and a little bit of faith!

Soon you will see the mixture coming together and it will become a smooth consistency like caramel.

Stir in the Simply Delish Butterscotch Pudding Mix now. It will be thick!

Now you will add in one box of Simply Delish Butterscotch Pudding Mix.

It will suddenly become very thick, like sugar-free peanut butter!!

Keep stirring and stirring.

At this point you will return it to the burner and stir constantly until it is smooth.

Putting it back on the heat for this one last time helps the pudding mix dissolve and not leave little crunchy bits in the final fudge.

This takes about 5 minutes. I warn to NOT leave it as it will burn very easily!

Spread the fudge mixture in an even layer in your prepared pan.

Now you will only have to wait 30 minutes for this to set up instead of overnight like other keto recipes!

Spread quickly in your prepared pan as it sets up fast!

Let it sit at room temperature for a few minutes before cutting to reduce cracking.

You will find that it is a bit tough to cut if you do not wait.

Cutting the Keto Butterscotch Fudge is easiest after sitting at room temperature for a few minutes.

The first time you take a bite, you will be hit with the butterscotch flavor with a burst in your mouth!

It is intense and has the chewy texture you expect from fudge.

Then it melts in your mouth and you go for another bite!

You cannot resist another bite!

Essentially this is a great keto snack since the total fat classifies these butterscotch bites to be fat bombs!

All the fat without very many grams of net carbs makes this great recipe one of my go to keto snacks when I want a sweet treat!

  • Since this recipe holds up well at room temperature, it is perfect for pot lucks and even mailing to your family at Christmas time!
  • You can easily make this a chocolate keto fudge by replacing the butterscotch pudding with a chocolate one!
  • Keep in an airtight container on your counter to have it ready when your snacking bug bites!
  • If you make this into a chocolate fudge then make sure you sub in sugar free chocolate chips when you do so the white chocolate doesn’t take away form the chocolate flavor!
  • Heavy cream can be replaced with coconut milk and it will still work.
  • Instead of real butter you can use vegan butter to maintain the butter taste. This would help make it dairy free!
  • I would not recommend using coconut oil in place of the butter as it will be too oily and not absorb the same. It will be a mess!
keto butterscotch fudge
This Keto Butterscotch Fudge will have you in warm buttery heaven!

Don’t forget that this will be perfect for the upcoming holiday season as you impress your family with this great recipe!

The best part will be when you tell them that it is sugar free and keto!

Go ahead and print out the recipe card so you have it on hand when you start your baking treats!

keto butterscotch fudge

Easy Keto Butterscotch Fudge Recipe (gluten free)

Its all of the butterscotch flavor without the sugar, without gluten and loaded with taste explosions in every bite!
Cook Time 40 mins
Cooling time 30 mins
Course butterscotch, gluten free, gluten free low carb, keto, keto dessert, low carb, low carb dessert
Servings 16 pieces


  • 1/4 cup heavy cream
  • 8 tbsp butter DIVIDED
  • 1/4 cup keto brown sugar
  • 1/4 cup allulose or sub in monkfruit
  • 1 pkg Sugar free white chocolate chips Lily's brand works well
  • 1 pkg Simply Delish SF Butterscotch Pudding


  • Line an 8×8 pan with parchment paper and set aside.
  • In a small saucepan melt cream, 2 tbsp butter, keto brown sugar, and allulose over low heat.
  • Stirring occasionally until smooth.
  • Reduce heat and simmer for 10 minutes on very low .
  • When it coats the back of a spoon stir in the sugar free white chocolate chips.
  • Now return to heat and add in 6 tbsp butter.
  • It will resemble caramel in a pool of butter but just keep going.
  • Keep heat on low as you whisk and fold the butter in.
  • Within 5 minutes approximately it will become smooth again and the butter will be worked in.
  • Now add in pudding mix.
  • Whisk well. It will become very thick like peanut butter!
  • Now return to heat and stir and fold. This helps it to not be grainy.
  • Continue over medium heat whisking constantly until smooth.
  • Remove from heat and immediately pour into prepared pan.
  • Put in fridge up to 30 minutes until set.
  • Cut and store in an airtight container at room temperature.
  • It is a chewy fudge with a consistency between traditional fudge and nougat.
  • Pieces will be moderately thin. If you want thicker chunks, put into a parchment lined bread pan instead.


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