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Medicinal Mushrooms in my coffee

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Have you ever tried medicinal mushrooms before?

This is my go to for getting a good jump on the day with tons of benefits! You see in the picture my favorite coffee cup with some Lion’s Mane & Chaga Blend coffee. I use 3 tbsp. of the ground blend in my French press and add in 2 tbsp. collagen (for gut health plus benefits to nails, skin and hair) and 2 tbsp. heavy cream.

I used to not be able to drink coffee without issues regarding acidity. I don’t have a definitive answer to WHY this version is ok with me, but it is and I am overjoyed considering I do LOVE coffee for the warm roasted flavor!

I purchase mine from Four Sigmatic! They have options without coffee too like hot cocoa and tea. Go check them out and get some for yourself!

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My favorite blend includes Lions Mane and Chaga. I also have tried the instant coffee with Cordyceps!

I enjoyed my cuppa joe with these French Toast Chaffles! You can find this recipe in my 2nd cookbook, “Chaffles, Cast Iron, and The Crock”. Click the picture to be taken to a digital copy of it you may purchase and then immediately download my over 86 Low Carb and Gluten Free recipes that take you from the waffle iron, cast iron and then the slow cooker!

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