The Journey Begins

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Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

And so it is official!! I am now going to have a “home” for all of my Gluten Free/Sugar Free recipes!! Thanks for joining me!

I started my journey 5 years ago July 4th! I woke up with horrible blistering eczema all over my face and had to do something that did not include visiting the doctor. I am a gal who looks to herbs, diet and health before running to get a medicine.

A lot of the bodies toxins are displayed on our skin! I really didn’t put two and two together since I had always been acne prone. It took following an elimination diet for 2 months to find I was gluten intolerant and sensitive to excessive amounts of caffeine.

So I said goodbye to gluten, wheat, coffee and excessive chocolate. At first it was horrible, but I soon came to terms with it and began to make a decision in my mind that I was going to have to learn how to cook all over again!

I tied up my apron strings and got to work making a list of all of my favorite dishes we frequently ate. I then dissected each dish down to figure out what I needed to replace to make it gluten free!


If you won’t accept NO for an answer, you will find a way! ~M.Carr

Fast forward to today, in the here and now. I now possess quite a bit of knowledge on cooking, baking, how to make my own recipes so it works with my budget and a new found love for Low Carb cooking! I frequently share my cooking adventures with my friends but want to be able to reach more Moms out there who struggle with NOT having to make special dishes for everyone! No one has time to run a cafe, at least not this busy Mom!!

So we will revisit some old faves I started my gluten free journey on, and also visit a ton of NEW Low Carb recipes!

I love it when you share your stories and success with one of my recipes!!

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What brought you to the Gluten Free/Low Carb lifestyle?

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