How to Create Cold Processed Soap the HoneyBeeHolistics Way



Have you ever wondered how to make soap but you were too intimidated at the process?

You did not know where to start and what to get to even GET started?

I have you covered! I will walk you through the information you need to make the most luscious soap you have ever used before!

I not only teach you how to make soap, but I teach you how to formulate recipes to fit the mold you have available PLUS give you video tutorials to match each step so you can see it in action!

You do not need fancy oils and molds to make it happen, you just need to roll up your sleeves, get the tools and get started!

I turned my love for soap making into a business over 13 years ago before I had my 1st child. It gave me a way to make extra money AND provide a non-toxic soap for my family to use that contained ingredients I knew!


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