2 ingredient Keto Whipped Cream for Coconut Lovers❤

Do you love coconuts? The taste of coconut? I am in LOVE with this creamy, dreamy creation that is a wonderful whipped cream replacement, PLUS it tastes like coconuts!! It does take some planning ahead the night before, but soooo worth it! I love having a treat of berries topped with this whipped goodness, or …


Keto Chocolate Mousse with only 4 Ingredients!

When I am looking for a quick chocolate snack that is creamy and rich, mousse really hits the spot! It is creamy, filling and super simple to throw together! Today I am trying a new ingredient, MASCARPONE CHEESE! It is similar to cream cheese, but lower in carbs and much more smooth & light! Heaven …

Main Dishes

Keto Garlic Shrimp w/ Cream Sauce

I grew up in Missouri so my memories of shrimp are varied from Red Lobster to the heavily breaded popcorn shrimp I would douse in ketchup😕What kid of the 80s didn’t though, right? But this shrimp, this shrimp is blanketed with a creamy, herb & parmesean sauce that is thickened with cream cheese! Yes folks, …

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