Keto Bacon Rollups

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If you love bacon and eggs but need a way to jazz it up a little, try this way of eating them!

It is similar to the cheese rollups made of cheese, but this time the outside is crispy bacon!

You can even make these up ahead of time and reheat on low in a covered skillet!

This recipe makes 2 large rollups. 1 was filling for me but maybe you’ll want both if your really hungry!


4 strips of bacon, uncooked

3 eggs, whisked with salt n pepper plus a splash of cream

Cook eggs scrambled. Set aside.

I like to sprinkle a bit of cheese on mine!

On a board lay out two pieces of bacon.

Put a handful of the eggs on one end of the slightly edge overlapped bacon.

Start rolling it up, keeping it as tight as possible.

Fry in a pan seam side down. Keep rotating till all the bacon is cooked.


Let me know how these worked out for you!


  1. Good in theory, difficult to execute. All my eggs fell out and fried in the bacon fat. Easier to go traditional side by side route..

    1. Yes, if your bacon has a lot of fatty places it will shrink more than its supposed to. This is what I found with mine. Also get your pan nice and warmed up first, so then when you put the baconroll on it will sear vs. cook slow. You may also try a couple toothpicks and a few less eggs😊 Thank you for your comment!

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