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Quick Keto Meat Rollups

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So if you have been following a gluten free lifestyle you have probably heard of meat rollups! Take deli meat and roll things up in it like cheese, pickles, etc.

My go to is cheese strips. They are easy, but bulky. I tried these melted cheese discs, usually used for taco shells, and used it as the rollup base!!

I was in a hurry before we went on a hike, so I just rolled up ham in it. You could also try cream cheese, ham, pickle…. They would all be awesome in these cheese discs!

I used Organic shredded pepperjack😋

Soooo goood!! They tasted amazing when we stopped for snack time😍

Put 1/4 cup mounds on a silpat or parchment lined cookie sheet.
Bake at 400F till brown on edges.
Cool on solid surface, a wooden cutting board worked great!

Cool for 3 min then put toppings on cheese disc then slowly roll.
Eat as is, or maybe dip in a condiment😍

Leave a comment and tell me. ….

What kind of cheese would you use?

What would you put in it?

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